Emily Ferri June 22, 2018

Bruce and Jim Swindford May. 13, 2018

Marie McKinney Jan. 10, 2018

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Julie Wade   Jan. 02, 2017




Kenneth & Ursala Rutherford  Nov. 20,  2017




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                                          Jeffrey and Valerie  McCall Aug. 31, 2017



Gerald and Julianna Hamann  June 30, 2017

Terri Pontzious is one of the most professional, honest, capable,

and talented, person there is. She worked extremely hard to

please and satisfy our needs for an excellent outcome. We

can't say anything but good about how she genuinely devoted

the time and effort to handle the sale of our property. Your

office is extremely lucky to have such a valuable person working

with Century 21!  Gerry & Julie


 Joseph D. Wilbur June 28, 2017


Mary Moore  June 14, 2017

Bradley James Faber May 04, 2017

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Apr. 26, 2017

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Charity Family Trust (Trish C,) El Cajon, CA   Nov. 21, 2016


Lorraine and Steve Hamann, Lakeside, CA Nov. 14, 2016



Ed TerKeurst, San Diego, CA (Seller)  Oct. 19, 2016



Stewart Cowan San Diego - Sep. 08, 2016




Don Chmiel  - Aug. 31, 2016



Jeanie Miller - Jul. 22, 2016



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Stewart Cowan in San Diego May 27th, 2015


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Jim Comstock, San Diego area. March 19th, 2015


Ben brown. Dulzura March 5th, 2015


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Donna Stott October 23rd, 2014

Terri is the utmost of professionalism in the real estate industry in real life. Her level of service is unmatched, her integrity is the absolute highest, and her knowledge of the San Diego Real Estate Market marks her as an absolutely necessary asset to your transaction. You won't find anyone better than Terri. Hire her today!

Dianah Brubaker-Ellis October 23rd, 2014

I would higher Terri again in a minute! She assisted my family and I with all our Real Estate needs in a professional amazing manner. Her professionalism is amazing! And she is extremely personable, caring and has a heart of gold. We were blessed to have had Terri as our agent during a difficult time with our family.

Josh Renner October 23rd, 2014

Terri guides her clients through the entire process of buying a home, from loan prequalification to searching for houses to making the offer and closing the deal. She offers a smooth, stress-free home-buying experience, and I whole heartedly recommend her services to anyone in the market. Terri will put your mind at ease and go that extra mile to make you happy.

Mary Moore October 23rd, 2014

Terri provided detailed and knowledgeable service through the process of purchasing a home. She dedicated many hours outside of the normal work day answering questions and completing paperwork. I was very impressed with her work ethic and dedication to helping us find our dream home. I highly recommend Terri to anyone interested in buying a home in the San Diego area.

Kathy Matranga October 23rd, 2014

Teri always goes above and beyond for her clients . She never rushes to push a sale and listens to her clients needs making sure to find the right home for clients.I would highly reccomend her services to anyone looking for home .

Sarah Elder October 23rd, 2014

Terri has been a great resource for me personally and in my business. She is very helpful and willing to share her expertise in any situation. No project to small as she wants to help wherever she can and knows that she is helping to build the future!

Ed Reitz October 23rd, 2014

Terri is a true real estate professional. She really cares about her clients and her experience and attention to detail is second to none!


Ian Barron"Your Mission Valley Title Expert October 23rd, 2014

Terri, is a no-non sense realtor, she is honest, dedicated, very hard working, always has a smile on her face, and she always has a can do attitude! If you need a top notch real estate agent, go with Terri!

Denny Howe October 23rd, 2014

I have had the pleasure of working with Terri in my role as Director Consultant for BNI San Diego for almost 5 years. She is a highly valued member of her BNI chapter by me and her chapter members for a number of reasons. First of all, she is a top-rate real estate professional and gets many testimonials regarding the high quality of her efforts and results. Second, she is the key reason her ‘power team’ is one of the most effective industry teams and has created strong relationships and passed considerable business to each other. Third, she is a strong leader. When she is on the leadership team, there is a strong adherence to the integrity of the BNI brand and her discipline and ability to create a strong, coherent leadership team creates higher levels of engagement and prosperity. A true professional and a pleasure and honor to work with – thank you Terri.

Joyce Hill October 23rd, 2014

Terri is a fine lady with an exemplary reputation in the real estate community.

Robert P. Robinson  October 23rd, 2014

Terri is a fantastic realtor and an amazing person. She represents her clients the right way, and always has their best interests in mind. She is knowledgeable, professional and smart. Highly recommended.


Lorraine and Steve Hamann  Nov 14th 2016

Terri Pontzious was professional and honest. She went on a walk through of our house prior to us making a final decision to sell and critiqued each room guiding us on what we needed to get our house ready to sell.

We followed her suggestions and in two months of non-stop de-cluttering, declared we were ready to sell!

Terri had a stager arrange our furniture, suggest items to remove and had a professional photographer take photos. The first day it went on the market we had people come by, the second and third day we had more folks - with an offer on the third day! She walked us through the offer and guided us on our decision to accept. It was a whirl-wind after that. Saturday was a house inspection and signing of papers.

It was a pleasure working with Terri and her experience in the housing market really came through. She knew the trends and prepared an extensive report on the area. She even calmed us down when we had a few glitches days before closing!



Charity Family Trust Nov. 21st 2016

Terri is an amazing agent. She is up on all aspects of selling a house in a Trust and was able to anticipate

possible issues we might face. Because of this, she was able to have solutions and options for us. Totally

patient and was willing to help us in all aspects of the sale. I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing

to sell a home and wanting an agent they can trust.

Terri is able to recommend contractors to help in all phases of the sale.

Trish C, El Cajon, Ca

Bradley James Faber

Bradley James Faber

Bradley James Faber

Bradley James Faber

Bradley James Faber

Joseph D Wilber

Joseph D Wilber

Joseph D Wilber

Kenneth & Ursula Rutherford

Kenneth & Ursula Rutherford